Mr. Tal Hanan, the CEO of DEMOMAN INTERNATIONAL LTD which is based in Israel is a welcome trainer among American & European Federal, State and Local security and intelligence agencies. He has briefed staff members of the House of Representatives Arms Service Committee on IED’s & Urban Warfare during the battle on Fallujah as well as others.

Mr. Hanan served in the IDF Special Forces as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Major, and his last position as Deputy Commander was with the Israeli Air-Force EOD Unit. As such, he has led operations involving counter terrorism bomb disposal, as well as Demilitarization projects to safely dispose arms and munitions.
Mr. Hanan has worked worldwide in training of Law enforcement officers on bomb security & disposal, explosive entry, Countering Suicide Terrorism. Including the special forced that conducted the Hostage rescue operation at the Japanese ambassador residence in Lima, Peru in 1997.

He was chief security consultant for Petroleum companies in Angola during the civil war, and established a mine clearance teams for them. He briefed on Explosive detection and security measures to the Homeland Security Dept, Energy Dept, and ATF and conducted Seminars on Suicide Terrorism with Texas A&M University HLS dept. He was also consulting to a special security force that protected a UN project concerning the Iraqi elections. Since 2000 Mr. Hanan trained over 6,300 American officers.

Mr. Hanan has a B.A. in International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and certified by Israeli Ministry of Labor as a Civil Explosive Master. he is also a contributor to several American and other professional magazines such as the NTOA magazine, EDGE, and the Counter Terrorism and Homeland security magazine.

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