Martín Rodíl has over ten years of cross-functional experience in the governmental, private and multilateral sectors. His expertise covers Latin American political analysis, research on money laundering operations and terrorism financing, and information gathering from a variety of well-placed sources.

Mr. Rodil is a senior research director for a project focused on Iran’s activities, and its proxy Hezbollah, in Latin America. His research efforts have supported congressional testimony, before the House Homeland Security and the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and a series of academic papers.  This work has highlighted this problem for policymakers and journalists throughout the world.

Prior to this experience, Mr. Rodil assisted in the investigation of fraud, money laundering, financial issues and government liaison at the International Monetary Fund.

His experience includes working with a diplomatic service and a national oil company in Latin America, where he served as a national and international political analyst at the Chief Economist’s office.  He has experience in special operations services to governments and private clients in the areas of finance, fraud risk, and security.

Mr. Rodil has lectured on terrorism, financing, and money laundering at the U.S. Congress, the Center for Security Policy and the World Affairs Council in Florida, among others. He has authored numerous articles on the subject.

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