Mr. Craig Duncan has spent a lifetime living and working in Latin America in many different capacities. He was raised in Peru, as his father was a senior executive for W.R. Grace and Company.

From 1972-1976, Mr. Duncan taught sales training programs and was a Representative of the International Correspondent Schools for Latin America.

From 1976-1985 he worked for Citi Bank’s International Staff, where he held senior- level positions responsible for managing troubled assets, mining, and economic groups.

Since leaving Citi Bank, Mr. Duncan has been a successful entrepreneur managing companies in the mining, cement, bottling, and aluminum sectors in South America and the United States.

With over four decades of living and working in South America, Mr. Duncan has specialized in raising capital for troubled assets pertaining for the leading economic groups in the Andean region. His understanding of the continent gives him unique insights into the business culture of the region.

He has been a board member of the Americas Society/Council of the Americas, Grupo Santo Domingo, Custer and Company, BEI, Peruvian Business Council, Bolivian Business Council, and Acción.

Mr. Duncan holds a B.A. from Columbia University and a Graduate degree from Harvard Business School.

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